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Kirsten Grove, DC, DACBSP – Specializing in natural dietary, rehab and lifestyle strategies for people with brain fog, and those interested in optimizing overall brain health.

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Are you tired of being told?

  • You’re fine
  • It’s all in your head
  • Just exercise
  • Live with it
  • This is your new “normal”


If you answered yes to one or more of the above, you are not alone. We see many patients who have heard this from their healthcare providers. It is not uncommon that patients struggle to find a solution, and you want your life back! We help patients discover real solutions to their brain issues.  Our patients receive personalized strategies and recommendations from a brain health specialist without having to drive to an office.


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Success stories


I highly recommend Dr Grove. After a car accident, I went to my own doctor and she did not find anything amiss. Still in pain, I started working with Dr Grove. She immediately diagnosed me with a concussion from severe whiplash after a comprehensive exam. She is very caring and knowledgeable.

Debbie K.

Dr. Grove very quickly found the root of my problem – something that others had not done. She was able to think more broadly about my problem and I am already noticing improvement.

Jill B.

Dr. Kirsten Grove is simply wonderful in her ability to quickly diagnose issues and to provide treatment. She takes her time in understanding the nature of your injury and then explains in detail what the problem is and how she is going to address it. I am so grateful to have her available to me. I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Grove and her amazing ability to take both basic and complex injuries and apply productive rehabilitating treatments – even when all other doctors have failed.

Carrie L.

Dr. Grove was great. She took her time in evaluating me, was very good at communicating her findings and what I need to do on my own to accelerate my recovery.

Sandy J.

I have been struggling with headaches for months and no one could help me. After working with Dr Grove, I already feel better and I have a plan to recovery. I feel very excited that I know what is wrong, I have a concussion, and that with Dr Grove’s help I have a path to health.

Joan D.

Dr. Grove is very thorough and methodical in her assessment/diagnosis. The treatment results are immediate, with the goal of getting back to normal as quick as possible.

Ginny M.

Dr. Grove is a great listener and identifies issues that are not obvious. She offers specific rehab exercises and carefully monitors progress. I am very happy with her care and attention.

Pat C.

Great place to receive genuine care. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable and professional, Dr. Grove is super courteous and caring. I have been to other doctors, many I would consider pretty good; but nowhere did I meet a provider like Dr Grove who is so much focused and determined to resolving the problem you have come to see her for. She is interested in nothing less than to get you feeling better! Thank you Dr. Grove!

Sam S.

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If you have had a concussion, or are going through perimenopause/menopause, or are still suffering the effects from covid/viral infections, then getting through your day without brain fog & fatigue is a challenge. We get it.  It’s hard and you can feel alone and like no one is listening.  We listen and teach you how to help your body heal, so you can begin to have fun again.